Stair runners


Do you need stair runners?

If you have a staircase in your home, it's possible that stair runners could be a great addition. They're a perfect way to maintain a great lifespan and bring a stunning look to any room. You can even customize these materials to best fit your specific requirements.

These products are impressive, so it's worth your while to find out what they could do for you. Taking your time to learn more could greatly benefit your remodel. If you still have questions, be sure to contact us for answers to all your questions.

What are stair runners?

Custom stair runners are pieces made especially for staircases for performance and good looks. You'll find impressive benefits that are sure to fit any need, even in your busiest areas. Generally made of carpeting, they offer beautiful colors, patterns, and designs.

These carpets feature impressive constructions that cater to lots of foot traffic. And on staircases, that's a great benefit to have access to. If you have pets or children, ask about specific protection that adds so much.

How to customize the perfect stair runners

With the perfect stair runners, you'll find all the characteristics that serve you best. If you need excellent durability, ask about built-in stain protection. This option is available in many carpet brands for your convenience.

You can also choose the width of the runner, as some leave each side of the stair step exposed. You can also pick a color, design, fiber type, and more to get the looks you want and need. But be sure to ask about other features that could cater best to your specific home requirements.

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Stair runners in Clearwater, FL from Carillon Floor Center

What more should you know about stair runners?

Custom stair runners offer other benefits to serve your needs. Consider hypoallergenic options and other features that make life easier. You might find these surfaces are easy to clean as well.

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